Tinselled Tintin – A compendium of boy heroes Xmas holidays


The compendium of boy heroes is having a  yuletide interlude, and what better way to celebrate than with the greatest boy hero of them all. Tucked away in my dusty attic, amongst boxes of baubles, fairly lights and tinsel, I have found a treasure trove of Christmas-related Tintin ephemera to share with you. They are divided into several groups and you can click on them to enlarge them.

The first feature Tintin and his inseparable friend, the world’s bravest tail-wagger, Snowy:


The second include his other inimitable buddies Haddock, Calculus, and Thomson and Thompson:

710_001Journal de Tintin 424t33825829844noel_tintin166download1

In these three scenes, other chums are invited to celebrate at Marlinspike Hall including  Bianca Castafiore and Abdullah:


While these two feature other a much fuller cast of Tintin companions:


The penultimate group includes popular characters from the Tintin Journal including Quick and Flupke, Blake and Mortimer, and Jo, Zette and Jocko


While this is a ragtag group, featuring no one in particular:


A Tintinabulous and Snowy Xmas to you all!


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